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Selection and Adjustment of Torque of Electric Wrench for Torsion Shear Bolts
1. The user can choose the electric wrench with the corresponding specifications for the torsional shear type bolts within the range of 1000-2500Nm.
2. There is a "torque adjustment knob" on the control instrument panel. It is engraved with 0-10 scale values. The fine adjustment knob is used to adjust and compensate between the two coarse adjustment gears, so as to control the accuracy with torque. (See next page)
3. Adjustment method: Chinese products are provided with torque test data cards when leaving the factory for reference when users calibrate. Users can select a scale value according to the required torque, tighten the bolts according to the operation method of tightening the bolts, and measure the actual torque value of the bolts with a force measuring wrench or other force measuring instruments. If the torque difference is small, fine adjustment can be used to compensate. If the difference is large, coarse adjustment can be made up or down one gear, Repeat several times to obtain the required torque value.
Torsional shear type bolt Tightening operation of electric wrench bolt
1. Install the reaction support and tighten the screws. Start the host machine to make the square head pin hole correspond to the counter force support hole, then install the wrench socket, insert the pin, and fix it with a rubber ring.
2. Adjust the torque knob of the controller to the required torque value, turn the positive and negative switches of the host to the forward rotation position, and put the wrench socket on the hexagon of the threaded connector.
3. Press the power switch and the wrench starts. When the reaction support arm is firmly against the support (the fulcrum can be an adjacent bolt or other positions that can be used as fulcrums), the bolt starts to tighten. When the bolt torque reaches the predetermined torque, the wrench will stop automatically. After tightening, loosen the power switch and tighten the next bolt.
4. After the wrench stops automatically, the support arm will automatically disengage from the fulcrum by the elastic deformation force of the reaction support, and the wrench will be removed. If the lever arm cannot be separated from the fulcrum, the positive and negative switches can be toggled, and the power switch wrench can be inched to remove
The above is a detailed introduction to the torsional shear type electric wrench. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude