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The product name and model of electric wrench are different, and the scope of use is also different. The constant torque electric wrench is introduced here for reference.
The constant torque electric wrench is a kind of electric wrench that can automatically control the torque. It is applicable to bridge structures, large steel towers, steel structure workshops, metallurgical equipment frames, large crane frames, mine steel frames and other projects that need to be connected with high-strength bolts, and large diesel engines, power generation equipment, and chemical equipment. Bolts that require constant clamping force can also be tightened with a constant torque wrench.
Especially in modern bridge construction, fixed torque electric wrench is an effective tool to replace "riveted beam" with "bolted beam". This is of great significance to simplify the site installation process, reduce the cost of bridge construction, reduce the labor intensity, and accelerate the bridge construction.
The torque of fixed torque electric wrench is controlled by electrical device. The electric wrench has the advantages of low power consumption, low noise, flexible adjustment, automatic shutdown and stable torque.
The 120kgf · m constant torque electric wrench manufactured by Henggang is a kind of wrench with static torque structure. It can be used as a final screwing tool for high-strength bolts, that is, to screw the initially screwed bolts to the specified torque.
The electric wrench is a hand-held electric tool for loading and unloading threaded connectors. It is used in the assembly work of automobile, tractor, electric motor, power machinery, valve, water pump, textile machinery and other manufacturing industries. In the chemical industry, cement prefabricated parts, plastic molding and other operations, it is used for the assembly and removal of vacuum tank, reaction kettle, cement template, and demoulding of threaded plastic parts in the production process; It can also be used for the installation, maintenance and replacement of cement sleepers, truss joints, angle steel scaffolds and other structures in railway, bridge, construction and other projects
The above is a detailed introduction to the price of the torque wrench. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with our service