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Before starting the replacement operation, check whether the ejection rod extends into the inner sleeve. If not, extend the ejector pin and replace it.
Pull the ejector rod when removing the sleeve. When accidentally touching the ejection trigger, it may pop up suddenly.
1. Each sleeve is divided into internal and external parts. When disassembling, take out the outer sleeve first, and then take out the inner sleeve.
2. Prepare and tighten the inner and outer sleeves suitable for the bolt type.
3. Disassembly of sleeve: press the outer sleeve firmly, remove the connection between the main body and the outer sleeve with a hexagon screwdriver, and then press the ejection rod to prevent injury caused by ejection.
Application of electric torque wrench: the product can be used for the initial tightening of shear-type high-strength bolts. The tightening requires the use of a shear wrench, so the shear wrench is specially used for the tightening of shear-type high-strength bolts.
4、 Working principle of electric torque shear wrench: electric torque shear wrench has two sockets inside and outside. Torque the nut on the outer sleeve to apply torque to the bolt. The inner sleeve twists the box head. The two torques are equal in size and opposite in direction, until the box head at the end is unscrewed. Then pull out the wrench and pull the trigger to pop out the box head, which ends the work.
Advantages of electric torque wrench
1. Small volume, light weight and fast shear speed can improve construction efficiency.
2. The motor of the product is imported with original packaging from Germany, which is smaller and larger than the domestic motor.
3. The whole machine is humanized, and the handle adopts the principle of human engineering mechanics, which makes it more comfortable to hold.
4. The power cord is a special cable made of TPU material, which is usually used in harsh working conditions. It has excellent wear resistance, bending resistance and rolling resistance. Its price is more than three times that of cables of the same specification, but it can completely prevent cable breakage
5. This machine gear is made of ultra-high strength steel, which is twice as strong as ordinary steel
6. The electric torsion wrench is relatively easy to operate, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves work efficiency. There are many manufacturers of electric wrenches on the market, so it is important to choose a good product manufacturer.
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