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Torsional shear type high-strength bolt connection pair is an improved version of large hexagon bolt connection pair of steel structure
Advantages of torsional shear type high-strength bolts:
The advantages of the torsion-shear type high-strength bolt are that the large hexagon bolt has a simple structure, and the required structural space is small and compact. It is safe, simple, and fast to use the electric wrench to unscrew the Torx head directly. It is very convenient to check the construction quality. No professional person or equipment is required. Only a general visual inspection can confirm that the Torx head has been unscrewed to ensure the construction quality of the torsion-shear type high-strength bolt.
Application of Torsional Shear High Strength Bolt
Torsional shear type high-strength bolts are mainly used in industrial and civil buildings, railway bridges, highway bridges, pipeline bridges, tower and mast structures, boiler frames, boiler steel structures, large-span industrial buildings, high-rise civil buildings, various towers, light steel structures, cranes and other buildings connected with steel structures.
High-strength bolts are mainly used in steel structure engineering to connect the connection points of steel structure steel plates. According to the construction process, high-strength bolts can be divided into two types: large hexagon high strength bolts and torsional shear high strength bolts. Their connection performance and mechanical properties are the same, and the axial force of bolts is determined by the torque. However, the two are fundamentally different. Let's look at the difference between large hexagon high strength bolts and torsional shear high strength bolts.