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1. Knock the high-strength bolts with a 0.3kg hammer to conduct a general survey and check whether there is any omission; The tightening of high strength bolts with large hexagon head shall be divided into initial tightening and final tightening; The tightening of torsional shear type high-strength bolts is divided into initial tightening and final tightening. For large nodes, it shall be divided into initial tightening, secondary tightening and final tightening. The secondary tightening torque is equal to the initial tightening torque.
Standard for steel structural bolts
According to Table 07-4, the initial tightening torque of high-strength bolts should be completed on the same day.
2、如发现有不符合规定的,再在此节点上扩大检查10%;如仍有不合格者,则整 个节点的高强度螺栓重新拧紧;高强度螺栓连接处摩擦面必须保证已确定的处理方式,不得擅自更改;并使摩擦面保持干燥,如在雨天施工必须采取防雨措施;高强度螺栓安装后应及时使用专用扳手进行拧紧,为加快施工进度,可使用梅花扳手、呆扳手将螺母拧紧至和连接板紧贴后改用专用扭矩扳手拧紧;施工用的扭矩扳手应进行校正。
2. In case of any non-conformity, the inspection shall be expanded by 10% on this node; If there are still unqualified ones, retighten the high-strength bolts of the whole node; The friction surface at the connection of high-strength bolts must ensure the determined treatment method and shall not be changed without authorization; Keep the friction surface dry. Rain-proof measures must be taken for construction in rainy days; After the installation of high-strength bolts, special wrenches shall be used to tighten them in time. To speed up the construction progress, ring wrenches and solid wrenches can be used to tighten the nuts until they are close to the connecting plate, and then special torque wrenches can be used to tighten them; The torque wrench used for construction shall be calibrated.
3、检查拧紧扭矩:对每个节点螺栓数的10%,但不少于一个进行扭矩检查。任取一螺栓,在螺杆端面和螺母上画一直线,将螺母拧松60°,再用扭矩扳手重新拧紧,使两线重合,此时测得的扭矩应在0.9Tch~1.1 Tch范围内。检查扭矩(Tch)按下式计算: Tch=k×P×d(NM),当摩擦面间隙t大于3mm时加垫板,垫板厚度不小于3mm,数量不超过3层; 垫板材质和摩擦面处理方式与构件相同.
3. Check the tightening torque: check the torque of 10% of the number of bolts at each node, but not less than one. Take any bolt, draw a straight line on the end face of the screw and the nut, loosen the nut by 60 °, and then retighten it with a torque wrench to make the two lines coincide. At this time, the measured torque should be within the range of 0.9Tch~1.1 Tch. Check the torque (Tch) by the following formula: Tch=k × P × D (NM), when the friction surface clearance t is greater than 3 mm, add a base plate, the thickness of the base plate is not less than 3 mm, and the number is not more than 3 layers; The base plate material and friction surface treatment are the same as the components
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