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Intelligent electric torque wrench is a mechanized construction tool for assembling threaded parts and bolts, with automatic torque control function. It is applied to the erection of bridges with bolted and welded structures, and the installation of plants, towers and chemical, metallurgical and power generation equipment. Large machinery, lifting equipment and vehicle assembly operations, as well as occasions with strict requirements for torque and axial tension of threaded fasteners.
Tightening operation of intelligent electric torque wrench bolts
1. Install the reaction support and tighten the screws. Start the main engine of the intelligent electric torque wrench, make the square pin hole correspond to the reaction support hole, then install the wrench socket, insert the pin, and fix it with a rubber ring.
2. The intelligent electric torque wrench will adjust the torque knob of the controller to the required torque value, turn the forward and reverse switches of the host machine to the forward rotation position, and put the wrench socket on the hexagon of the threaded connection.
3. Press the power switch of the intelligent electric torque wrench to start the wrench. When the force arm of the reaction support is close to the support (the fulcrum can be an adjacent bolt or other position that can be used as a fulcrum), the bolt starts to be tightened. When the bolt torque reaches the predetermined torque, the wrench will stop automatically, and the tightening is completed. Loosen the power switch to tighten the next bolt.
4. After the intelligent electric torque wrench automatically stops, the elastic deformation force of the counter force bracket will make the bracket force arm automatically disengage from the fulcrum and remove the wrench. If the lever arm cannot be separated from the fulcrum, you can toggle the forward and reverse switches, and then jog the power switch wrench to remove it.