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1 用扳手内套筒*插进螺栓尾部梅花头部分,同时向前推动扳手,内套筒后退,使外套筒*套住螺母,若不能*套住螺母请左右转动扳手并向前用力。

1 Insert the inner sleeve * of the wrench into the ring head at the end of the bolt, push the wrench forward at the same time, and the inner sleeve will move backward so that the outer sleeve * can hold the nut. If it can't hold the nut, turn the wrench left and right and force forward.
2 扣动扳手开关,使其旋转
2 Turn the wrench switch to rotate it
Unscrew the Torx head, tighten it, and pull the trigger to eject the Torx head at the same time
Precautions for torsion shear type electric wrench:
1 本机所用电源应在本机规定的范围内,否则会造成机器故障。
1. The power supply used by this machine should be within the range specified by this machine, otherwise it will cause machine failure.
2 不可在雨天或潮湿的环境中使用本机,以免漏电。
2 Do not use this machine in rainy or wet environment to avoid electric leakage.
3 使用本机高空作业时,请系好带,在操作点下方严禁站人及放置贵重物品。
3 When using this machine to work at height, please fasten the safety belt, and it is strictly prohibited to stand and place valuables under the operation point.
Keep away from flammable and explosive substances when using this machine.
It is forbidden to damage the power cord and use the power cord to drag the machine.
Cut off the power supply before checking and repairing the machine.
It is strictly forbidden to collide with this machine with excessive weight.
When the machine is hot or the ambient temperature is greater than 35 ℃, it should be stopped.
Check the carbon brush regularly. When the length of the carbon brush is less than 2/5 of the original length, it should be replaced in time.
Inspection and maintenance of torsion shear type electric wrench:
Check the power cord regularly and replace it in time if it is broken or broken.
Keep the inner and outer sleeves clean and free of sundries. After using this machine, wipe it clean and store it in a dry place.
Before use, check whether each fastening screw is loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time, and test whether the sound is normal. If there is abnormal sound, repair it in time.
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