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The torque wrench is mainly used for final tightening of torque shear type high-strength bolts, and its purpose is to break the Torx head of the torque shear type high-strength bolt. When working, align the wrench head with the bolt head, and press the switch to start working. After a few seconds, the bolt ring head will be twisted off. Then, pull out the wrench and pull the trigger to eject the ring head, which ends the work.
Electric wrenches are mainly used in the steel structure installation industry to install high-strength bolts for steel structures. High-strength bolts are used to connect steel structure joints, usually in the form of bolt groups. High strength bolts can be divided into two types: torsional shear type and large hexagon type. The national standard torsional shear type high strength bolts include M16, M20, M22, and M24, while the non national standard bolts include M27, and M30; The national standard large hexagon high-strength bolts include M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, etc. Generally, the tightening of high-strength bolts requires initial tightening before final tightening, and each step requires strict torque requirements. A constant torque wrench must be used for initial and final tightening of large hexagon high-strength bolts. Therefore, various electric wrenches are designed for various tightening needs.
Features of electric wrenches: (1) Long service life; (2) Good heat dissipation of handle and housing materials; (3) High power; (4) Strong impact resistance; (5) Highest cost performance ratio for hand use
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