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Also known as a torque plate or torque plate, torque is the product of force and distance. When tightening ribbed fasteners such as screws, bolts, and nuts, it is necessary to control the magnitude of the applied torque to ensure that the ribs are tightened and not damaged due to excessive torque. Therefore, a torque plate is used for operation. Firstly, set the maximum torque value required. When the applied torque reaches the set value, the board will emit "chatter" or bend a little angle at the connection of the board, indicating that it has been tightened and no more force should be applied.
Equipped with preset torque data and dynamic and static installation. When the tightening torque of the fastener reaches the preset data, it can automatically send a signal of "click", accompanied by a noticeable oscillation of hand touch, indicating the end of the operation. After eliminating effective force, all relevant parts of the board can automatically reset.
Two directions can be switched. Turn the ratchet steering switch and apply force to the board in a reversible clockwise direction.
Metric English (N.mlbf.ft) double scale mark; Handle differential scale mark. The reading is clear and accurate.
硼钢资料锻制,坚忍经用,生计的年限长 。校准追溯至西方强国国家技术标准学会(NBS)。
Made of boron steel materials, it is durable and has a long lifespan. Calibration can be traced back to the Technical Standards Society (NBS) of Western countries.
精确度符合 ISO 6789:1992. ASME B107.14 , GGG - W-68.
Accuracy in accordance with ISO 6789:1992 ASME B107.14 , GGG - W-68. 
Determine the preset torque value according to the required torque value requirements of the workpiece.
When setting two preset torque values, pull down the determining ring on the board handle and rotate the handle together to schedule the data of the main and differential scale lines of the scale to the desired torque value. After scheduling, release the confirmation ring and the handle will automatically confirm.
Install a response standard sleeve on the square tenon of the board, cover the fastener, and then slowly apply force on the handle. When applying external force, it is necessary to follow the indicated arrow direction. When the torque is tightened to a signal of "click" (reaching the preset torque value), the force is applied intermittently. End of one assignment.
When using a large standard torque board, an extension sleeve rod can be added for labor-saving operation.
If it is not necessary for a long time, adjust the scale line back to the minimum torque data point.
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