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The torsion shear wrench is mainly used for torsion shear type high-strength bolts. Its purpose is to break the target wrench head bolt head of the torsion shear type high-strength bolt, and the switch can start working. After a few seconds, the bolt head will be broken, and then a wrench will be taken out to pop the head and pull the trigger, or complete the work.
The main impact of an electric wrench is that it is easy to use at the beginning of the bolt and is designed to pull the main power switch wire with the bolt. The final torsion shear wrench is used to twist the shear type high-strength bolt, and the bolt is used to turn the power switch until the shear type high-strength bolt's plum blossom head is interrupted. An electric constant torque wrench may be used to tighten the bolt first, and then adjust the torque. The main electrical corner of the bolt wrench also belongs to a constant torque wrench, which is used to adjust the degree of rotation first, and then tighten the screw. Electric angle wrench is a special type of electric wrench specifically designed for fixing bolts to the corners of a steel frame. It is the same as a torsion shear electric wrench.
Characteristics of torsion shear electric wrenches:
(1) Long service life
(2) Good heat dissipation of handle and casing materials
(3) High power
(4) Strong impact resistance
(5) Hand use
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