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The electric torque wrench has the function of automatically controlling torque and is a mechanized construction tool for assembling threaded parts and bolts. Our factory's electric torque wrench host uses a double insulated single-phase series excitation motor and a reduction mechanism, with a novel structure, small size, light weight, and safety and reliability. Due to the static torque structure of the electric fixed torque wrench, it runs smoothly, without vibration, impact, or noise, and the operator is not affected by reverse torque, resulting in low labor intensity, This electric torque wrench is widely used in large-scale machinery, lifting equipment, and vehicle assembly operations, as well as in situations where there are strict requirements for the torque and axial tension of threaded fasteners. Therefore, how to tighten the bolts of the electric torque wrench and how to operate it:
1. Install the reaction support bracket and tighten the screws, start the main engine so that the square pin hole corresponds to the reaction support bracket hole, then install the wrench socket, insert the pin, and fix it with a rubber ring.
2. Adjust the torque knob of the controller to the desired torque value, set the forward and reverse switches of the host to the forward position, and place the wrench socket on the six faces of the threaded joint.
3. Press the power switch to start the wrench. When the force arm of the reaction bracket is tightly against the bracket (the fulcrum can be an adjacent bolt or other position that can serve as a fulcrum), the bolt begins to tighten. When the bolt torque reaches the predetermined torque, the wrench will automatically stop and complete the tightening. Release the power switch and tighten the next bolt.
4. After the wrench automatically stops, the force arm of the bracket automatically disengages from the fulcrum through the elastic deformation force of the counter force bracket, and the wrench is removed. If the force arm cannot detach from the fulcrum, the forward and backward switches can be toggled, and then the power switch wrench can be removed by clicking.