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The electric torque wrench is mainly used to tighten high-strength bolts of torque shear, with the purpose of breaking the plum blossom head of high-strength bolts of torque shear. When working, align the wrench head with the bolt head and pull the switch to start the work
Work. After a few seconds, the plum blossom head of the bolt will break, and then pull out the wrench and pull the trigger to eject the plum blossom head, which is the end of the work.
Electric torsion shear wrenches are mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, specifically for the installation of high-strength bolts in steel structures. High strength bolts are commonly used to connect steel structure nodes in the form of bolt groups.
高强度螺栓可分为扭剪型和大六角型两种。国标扭剪型高强度螺栓为M16、M20、M22、M24 ,非国标为M27、M30 ;国标大六角高强度
High strength bolts can be divided into two types: torsional shear type and large hexagonal type. The national standard torsion shear type high-strength bolts are M16, M20, M22, and M24, while non national standards are M27 and M30; National standard large hexagonal high-strength
The bolts are M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, etc. Generally, high-strength bolts should be tightened first and then tightened, with strict torque requirements for each step. So, various electric torsion shears
Spanners are designed to meet various tightening needs.
Electric torque wrench is a tool for tightening bolts, which can care about your installation and disassembly of bolts and nuts, and more accurately grasp the tightening torque. When the wrench reaches a certain torque, the ring head of the bolt can be cut off. The V-shaped notch of the bolt ensures torque accuracy and axial tension, with high disassembly torque, making it safer and more reliable than manual operation.
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