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Many production workshops with stable gas sources or flammable and explosive working conditions with limited electricity usage undoubtedly have pneumatic torque wrenches as equipment installation pre tightening tools with precise torque and safe operation. Many users may be familiar with the use of hydraulic wrenches and electric torque wrenches, but are not familiar with the use of pneumatic torque wrenches. Today, we will take a look.
Before using a pneumatic torque wrench, it is necessary to confirm whether the air supply pipeline connection is securely installed, whether the compressed air is reliable, and check whether the joint is leaking.
After inspection, select a suitable torque sleeve based on the required torque value and bolt specifications. Insert the torque sleeve into the port of the pneumatic torque wrench and ensure that it is securely installed. Place the wrench on the bolt head and start the air supply, and automatically stop when the torque wrench reaches the predetermined torque. If it is necessary to reverse tighten the bolts, set the steering wheel to the reverse position, then reinstall the torque sleeve and repeat the above steps.
After using a pneumatic torque wrench to pre tighten the bolts that need to be tightened, turn off the air source, remove the torque sleeve from the torque wrench, and then remove the wrench from the air source connection. Clean the entire tool and keep it properly. It should be noted that training and operational guidance are required before using pneumatic torque wrenches to ensure correct usage and safe operation. At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly inspect and maintain the pneumatic torque wrench to ensure its normal operation and service life.