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The impact electric wrench is mainly used for initial tightening of bolts, and its use is very simple, which is to align the bolt and pull the power switch. The electric torque wrench is mainly used for final tightening of torque shear high-strength bolts. Its use is to align the bolt and pull the power switch until the plum blossom head of the torque shear high-strength bolt is broken. The electric fixed torque wrench can be used for both initial and final tightening. Its use involves adjusting the torque first and then tightening the bolts. Electric angle wrenches mainly belong to a type of fixed torque wrench, which is used to adjust the rotation degree first and then tighten the bolts. Electric angle wrench is a type of electric wrench specifically designed to tighten bolts at the angle of a steel frame, and its use is the same as that of an electric torsion wrench.
Inspection, testing and maintenance
1. The metal shell of the electric wrench should be reliably grounded, and its shell should have a regular inspection and test certificate, which is within its validity period.
2. Check the tightening of the installation screws on the body of the electric wrench. If the screws are found to be loose, they should be immediately re tightened, otherwise it may cause the electric wrench to malfunction.
3. Check that the handles on both sides of the handheld electric wrench are intact, not cracked or damaged, and installed firmly
matters needing attention
1. Confirm whether the on-site power supply matches the nameplate of the electric wrench. Is there a leakage protector connected.
2. Select a matching sleeve based on the size of the nut and install it properly.
3. Before power transmission, confirm that the switch on the electric wrench is disconnected. Otherwise, when the plug is inserted into the power socket, the electric wrench will unexpectedly turn immediately, which may cause a risk of personal injury.
4. If the workplace is located far away from the power source and it is necessary to extend the cable, a qualified extension cable with sufficient capacity should be used and installed. If the extension cable passes through a pedestrian walkway, it should be elevated or measures should be taken to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged.
5. Try to find a good support point for the reverse force distance during use to prevent injury caused by the reverse force.
6. When abnormal carbon sparks are found during use, the motor should be immediately stopped for inspection and troubleshooting. In addition, the carbon brush must be kept clean.
7. Standing on a ladder or working at heights, measures should be taken for falling from height, and the ladder should be supported by ground personnel.
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