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Torsion shear electric wrenches usually require regular verification and calibration to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their measured and output torque values. The purpose of verification is to verify whether the performance of the torsion shear electric wrench meets the specified standards, in order to ensure that it provides accurate torque values during use. Next, let's talk about the key points of verifying the torsion shear electric wrench:
The calibration cycle should be determined based on factors such as equipment usage frequency and working environment. In general, it is recommended to calibrate the torsion shear electric wrench every 6 months. If the equipment is used frequently or requires higher accuracy, the calibration cycle can be shortened.
The calibration of torsion shear electric wrenches is usually carried out by professional institutions or qualified testing personnel. Common calibration methods include using a standard calibrator or torque meter to compare and verify wrenches to ensure that the deviation between the measured torque value and the standard value is within an acceptable range.
During each calibration, information such as the calibration date, calibration results, and calibration personnel should be recorded, and corresponding calibration records should be retained. This can help track the calibration status of the equipment, timely identify deviations and issues, and take corresponding adjustment and maintenance measures.
During the calibration process of torsion shear electric wrenches, reference should be made to relevant industry standards or specifications to ensure that the calibration results meet the specified requirements. According to the requirements of the industry, it may be necessary to meet specific torque accuracy requirements and calibration criteria.
By regularly verifying the torsion shear electric wrench, it can be ensured that it provides accurate torque values during operation, thereby ensuring product quality and safety. The calibration process should be carried out by professional institutions or personnel with relevant qualifications, and the calibration results should be recorded to track the performance changes and maintenance needs of the equipment. For more related matters, come to our website consulting service