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Usage of fixed torque electric wrench:
Electric wrenches are fixed torque, so when tightening the wrench, it is necessary to pay attention to the range of use of the wrench to prevent the bolt from being broken.
A fixed torque electric wrench is usually equipped with a threaded component, and the impact time is 2 to 3 seconds, usually not exceeding 5 seconds.
定扭矩电动扳手的电压过高过低均不宜使用。 空转时,如果有任何异常现象,例如火花,噪音等,必须在故障排除后使用。 变换转向时先用电源开关切断电源,然后扳动正反转开关以保护正反转开关。
Fixed torque electric wrenches should not be used if their voltage is too high or too low. When idling, if there are any abnormal phenomena, such as sparks, noise, etc., it must be used after troubleshooting. When changing direction, first cut off the power supply with the power switch, and then pull the forward and reverse switches to protect the forward and reverse switches.
The characteristics of a fixed torque electric wrench: easy to operate, time-saving and labor-saving, and adjustable torque.
A.在使用定扭矩电动扳手时,要根据被测工件的要求选择一个适中量程的扭矩扳手。 测得的扭矩值不应小于使用中量程的20%。 太大的量程不适用于小扭力部品的加固,小量程的扭力器更不可以超量程使。
A. When using a fixed torque electric wrench, the first step is to select a torque wrench with a moderate range according to the requirements of the tested workpiece. The measured torque value should not be less than 20% of the mid range used. Too large a range is not suitable for reinforcing small torque components, and small range torque devices cannot be used beyond the range.
B.使用定扭矩电动扳手时,将扳手的方榫连接到辅助配件,确保连接没有问题。 在加固扭力之前设置需要加固的力值,锁好紧锁装置,调整好方向转换钮到加力的方向,然后在使用过程中快速连续操作5-6次,使扳手内部组件上特殊润滑剂能充分润滑,从而使扭矩扳手更加精确和耐用。
B. When using a fixed torque electric wrench, first connect the square tenon of the wrench to the auxiliary accessory to ensure that there are no problems with the connection. Before tightening the torque, set the force value that needs to be tightened, lock the locking device, adjust the direction switch button to the direction of the applied force, and then quickly and continuously operate it 5-6 times during use to ensure that the special lubricant on the internal components of the wrench can be fully lubricated, making the torque wrench more precise and durable.
C.测量时,手应握住手柄的有效范围,并沿垂直于扭矩扳手壳体方向缓慢施加力,直到定扭矩电动扳手发出“塔”声,此时扭矩扳手已达到 预置扭力值。 工件已加力完毕,应及时解除作用力,以免损坏其他零件。 在施加力的过程中,按照标准的仪器操作规范,垂直度的偏差不应超过10度。 在水平方向上的上下偏差不应超过3度,并且操作人员应确保在使用过程中上下左右施力范围不超过15度。
C. When measuring, the hand should hold the effective range of the handle and slowly apply force in the direction perpendicular to the torque wrench housing until the fixed torque electric wrench emits a "tower" sound, at which point the torque wrench has reached the preset torque value. The workpiece has been applied with force, and the force should be released in a timely manner to avoid damaging other parts. During the process of applying force, the deviation from perpendicularity should not exceed 10 degrees according to the national standard instrument operation specifications. The deviation in the horizontal direction should not exceed 3 degrees, and the operator should ensure that the range of force application from top to bottom, left to right, does not exceed 15 degrees during use.
D. In order to prevent the measurement results from being affected by deviations in the horizontal and vertical directions, a vertically downward stable force value should be applied to the force application control end during the measurement process, and then the force should be manually applied to make the results more accurate.