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Electric torque wrench, also known as fixed torque electric wrench, is mainly used to tighten large hexagonal bolts with torque requirements. It can effectively improve the tightening quality and construction efficiency of high-strength bolts in steel structures. For steel structures, the fastening of high-strength bolts plays an important role.
The large hexagonal bolts in steel structures generally need to be initially tightened before being finally tightened. The reason for the initial tightening is mainly to ensure that the plates are stacked tightly, reducing the mutual influence of axial force caused by multiple bolts in a node plate due to the tightening sequence. Generally, research suggests that under the condition of ensuring the plate is stacked tightly, the smaller the initial tightening, the better because excessive initial tightening, especially over 70%, does affect the accuracy of final tightening. The initial tightening torque of high-strength bolts during construction is approximately 15% to 20% of the final tightening, and we stipulate it to be 50%. This is mainly because during the installation of steel structures, some members are in a cantilever state, and the node plate is also under stress. The initial tightening of 50% can ensure the installation progress, save bolts (in this case in the United States, process bolts are required), and ensure the final tightening accuracy.
Advantages of electric torque wrenches:
1. The electric torque wrench has a complete range of models and various types, which can meet your construction needs
2. Electric torque wrenches have strict production control and excellent quality, and each machine undergoes performance testing before leaving the warehouse, resulting in a long service life
3. The electric torque wrench has small size, light weight, and convenient operation
4. Adopting a digital display controller, torque can be digitally displayed, with high control accuracy