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The torsion shear electric wrench is a type of electric tool specifically used for torsion shear high-strength bolts, mainly used in the steel structure installation industry. The purpose of this wrench is to break the plum blossom head of the torsion shear high-strength bolt and achieve the purpose of tightening the bolt.
The use of a torsion shear electric wrench is very simple. Firstly, align the wrench head with the bolt head, and then press the switch to start working. After a few seconds, the bolt head will be broken, and then the wrench will be pulled out and the trigger will be pulled to eject the head, ending the work. The use effect of this type of electric tool is mainly manifested in that the impact electric wrench is mainly used for initial tightening of bolts, while the electric torsion shear wrench is mainly used for final tightening of high-strength torsion shear bolts.
In addition, some precautions need to be taken when using a torsion shear electric wrench. For example, the integrity of the wrench should be checked before use to ensure that it can function properly. At the same time, attention should be paid to safety during use to avoid injury. After use, it is necessary to clean and maintain the tool to extend its service life.
In short, the torsion shear electric wrench is a specialized electric tool for torsion shear high-strength bolts, which has the advantages of simple, convenient, and fast use. When using, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and maintenance to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.