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Electric wrench refers to an electric tool used to tighten and loosen bolts and nuts, and is a tool for tightening bolts. Used for the initial tightening, final tightening, and initial tightening of shear type bolts for the installation of large hexagonal head bolts in steel structure bridges, factory buildings, chemical engineering, and power generation equipment, as well as in situations where there are strict requirements for the torque or axial force of bolt fasteners.
The product names and models of electric wrenches vary, and their usage ranges also vary. Here is an introduction to fixed torque electric wrenches for reference.
Fixed torque electric wrench is a type of electric wrench that can automatically control torque. It is suitable for bridge structures that require bolted connections, large steel towers, torque stability, and other advantages.
The 120kgf · m fixed torque electric wrench designed and manufactured by China is a type of wrench with a static torque structure. It can be used as a final tightening tool for bolts, that is, to tighten the initially tightened bolts to the specified value
Electric wrench is a handheld electric tool used for loading and unloading threaded connectors. It is used in the assembly work of manufacturing industries such as automobiles, tractors, electric motors, power machinery, valves, water pumps, textile machinery, etc. In chemical engineering, cement prefabrication, plastic molding, and other operations, it is used for the assembly and disassembly of vacuum tanks, reaction kettles, cement templates, and demolding of threaded plastic parts in the production process; It can also be used for the installation, maintenance, and replacement of cement sleepers, truss nodes, angle steel scaffolding, and other structures in railway, bridge, construction, and other engineering projects.