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1. The tightening of high-strength bolts must be carried out in two stages. The first stage is the initial tightening, which should be tightened to 60% -80% of the standard axial force (i.e. pre tension) of the bolt. The initial tightening torque value should not be less than 30% of the final tightening torque value. The second stage is the final tightening. In order to ensure that all bolts in the bolt group are evenly stressed, both the initial and final tightening should be strictly operated in the tightening sequence, symmetrically in the "meter" shape.



2. The bolts that have been initially tightened should be marked for confirmation. To prevent missing tightening, bolts installed on the same day should be fully tightened on the same day. It is not allowed to install bolts on rainy days, and the friction surface should be in a dry state. The final tightening torque should be according to the set value requirements.


3. Strictly follow the operating procedures for electric torque wrenches. After each use, the wrench must be reset to zero to avoid metal fatigue of the spring. The torque value of the calibrated wrench should be calibrated regularly, with a deviation of no more than 5%.


4. Assuming that the torque or pre tightening force for tightening bolts is accurate, but due to external forces, temperature changes, vibrations, and other factors, the pre tightening force will still change after a period of time and still needs to be verified.


So, tightening screws is not as simple as you imagine.


High strength bolt connection, as an important way of connecting steel bridges, has been widely used in the engineering field due to its advantages of high efficiency, good performance, safety and reliability. The error of torque wrenches used in construction should be controlled within ± 5%. Therefore, professional tightening tools are required to tighten large hexagonal bolts. The quality accident caused by substandard force on bolts is not worth the loss. Shandong Hanpu Mechanical Electric Wrench is specially designed to tighten large hexagonal high-strength bolts with torque requirements. When working, the required torque value needs to be set in advance, and the machine will automatically stop after reaching the set torque.

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