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1. Before maintenance, cut off the power supply of the electric torque wrench.


2. Keep the body of the electric torsion wrench clean and pay attention to the smoothness of the ventilation opening.


3. Regularly check whether the power cord, power plug, and switch are intact, whether the brush holder is loose, whether the carbon brush is worn, and whether the worn wire is broken. If the carbon brush is severely worn, it needs to be replaced.



4. Do not let the wires come into contact with heat sources and grease to prevent them from being scratched, cut, or damaged, which may lead to abnormal use.


5. Handle the electric wrench carefully. When not in use, put the head into the iron box and return it to the warehouse in a timely manner.


Be vigilant when operating an electric wrench, pay attention to what you are doing, and stay alert. Do not operate under fatigue, medication, alcohol, or treatment reactions. Distractions during operation may cause serious personal injury. Use safety devices. Always wear protective goggles. Using dust masks, anti slip safety shoes, helmets, hearing protection devices, etc. can reduce personal injury. Avoid sudden startup. When inserting the plug, make sure the switch is in the off position. Placing fingers on a powered switch or inserting a plug when the switch is turned on may pose a danger. Store unused electric shear wrenches out of reach of children. Do not let people who are not familiar with electric shear wrenches or do not understand these instructions operate them.