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1. Choose the appropriate range of torque wrench
In the use of preset torque wrench, first of all, select the appropriate range torque wrench according to the requirements of measuring workpiece. The measured torque value should not be less than 20% of the range of the torsion device in use. Too large range is not suitable for reinforcement of small torque parts, and small range torque wrench can not be used beyond the range;
2. According to the required torque value of the workpiece, the preset torque value is determined.
To preset the torque value, pull down the locking ring on the wrench handle, and rotate the handle at the same time to adjust the values of the main scale mark and differential scale mark of the scale to the required torque value. After adjustment, release the locking ring and the handle will lock automatically.
3. Make sure that the torque wrench and the fixed parts are connected reliably and locked
When using a torque wrench, first connect the square tenon of the wrench with the auxiliary accessories (such as sleeves, various kinds of nozzles) to ensure that the connection has no problem. Before strengthening the torque, set the force value to be reinforced, lock the locking device, adjust the direction conversion button to the direction of force application, and then quickly and continuously operate for 5-6 times before using, so that the special lubricant on the internal components of the wrench can be fully lubricated, so that the torque wrench can be more accurate and durable.
4. Torque wrench force method
Install the sleeve of the corresponding specification on the square tenon of the wrench, cover the fastener, and then slowly apply force on the handle. The external force must be applied in the direction indicated by the arrow.
Hold the effective range of the handle, and slowly apply force along the direction perpendicular to the torque wrench housing until the sound of "tower" is heard from the torque wrench. When the signal "click" (reached the preset torque value), stop applying force. One operation is finished.
At this time, the torque wrench has reached the preset torque value, and the workpiece has been stressed, and then the force should be released in time to avoid damage to other parts.
In the process of force application, according to the national standard instrument operation specification, the deviation of perpendicularity should not exceed 10 degrees. Its horizontal deviation should not exceed 3 degrees, and the operator should ensure that its upper, lower, left and right force application range does not exceed 15 degrees.
5. When the large size torque wrench is used, the extension sleeve rod can be added to facilitate the operation and labor saving.
6、使测量结果因水平和垂直方向上的偏差而产生影响,在测量时,应在加力把持端上施加一个垂直向下的稳定力值, 然后再加点力,这样使用值更精准。
6. The measurement results will be affected by the horizontal and vertical deviation. In the measurement, a vertical downward stable force value should be applied on the force application holding end, and then a point force should be applied, so that the use value is more accurate.
7. Spanner is a measuring tool. It should be handled with care and can't replace hammering. When not in use, please set the torque to the minimum value and store it in a dry place. The range of torsion is wide, and it is relatively simple to reinforce the torsion. It can be operated only by setting the required torque value.
8. If it is not used for a long time, adjust the scale marking to the minimum value of torque. It is helpful to ensure the accuracy of torque.