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电动扭矩扳手设备精细应用普遍,大家在运用中有很多留意事项,但是只是理解这些留意事项还是不够的,在运用电动扳手的时分还有些硬性规则是必 需要恪守的。

Electric torque wrench equipment fine application is common, we have a lot of precautions in the use, but just to understand these precautions is not enough, in the use of electric wrench, there are still some rigid rules need to abide by.
A.电动扳手必 需指派专人运用及保管,其别人不得运用。
A. The electric wrench must be used and kept by a special person, and other people are not allowed to use it.
B. The place where the electric wrench is stored should be clean.
C. In the process of application, hands should be clean and not wet.
D. Sleeve device: check the wear and cracking condition of the sleeve, and confirm that it is in good condition. First, remove the O-ring on the machine sleeve, pull out the Xiao shaft, then install the sleeve device on the square head, and install the Xiao shaft and O-ring.
Electric torque wrench
E.每半年对电动扳手停止全 面检修,齿轮注油、轴承注油,漏电检查、改换碳刷、清算电机滑环等。
E. Every six months to stop the comprehensive overhaul of the electric wrench, gear oil, bearing oil, leakage inspection, change the carbon brush, clearing motor slip ring, etc.
F. The continuous impact time of loading and unloading each screw shall not exceed 5 seconds. How to use the electric spanner, after working for five seconds, stop for five seconds.
G. In the process of use, firmly hold the tool to ensure long-term stable standing. When it is stopped in the middle of the way, the electric wrench should be placed in a dry place, and it is not allowed to put it randomly. It is not allowed to use the cable to carry or pull the electric wrench.
H. The square head size of machine socket used for electric wrench should be different from the specification of bolt.
1. Before and after each application, the electrician shall check the wear condition of the brush. When the brush is worn about 5mm, the brush at both ends shall be replaced in time.
J. It is not allowed to connect the unmatched socket device to the electric wrench at will.
K. The power supply shall be removed in time after the operation, and the liquidation of the electric wrench shall be stopped.
L.改动电动扳手转向时,必 需使电机停转,然后再改动开关转向。
50. When changing the direction of the electric wrench, the motor must stop, and then change the direction of the switch.
M.电动扳手所接电源开关必 需有漏电维护。接电前检查电动扳手开关位置,确认在关的位置后在接电源,接电后,电工要对电动扳手及电缆停止漏电检查,无问题前方可运用。
M. The power switch connected to the electric wrench must have leakage maintenance. Check the switch position of the electric wrench before connecting the power supply. After confirming that it is in the off position, connect the power supply. After connecting the power supply, the electrician should stop the leakage inspection of the electric wrench and the cable. If there is no problem, it can be used in the front.
For the sake of safety, the above rules in the use of electric torque wrench must not be careless, must be taken seriously, after all, safety is a priority.