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As the name suggests, the electric wrench is a tool for tightening the box head bolts. It can help you install and remove the bolts and nuts, and control the tightening torque accurately. When the wrench reaches a certain torque, the quincunx head of the bolt can be cut. The torque accuracy and axial tension are guaranteed by the V-shaped notch of the bolt. The torque of disassembly and assembly is large, which is more safe and reliable than manual operation. It is convenient, beautiful, practical and easy to carry with the car. It is widely used in the construction of steel structure bridges, workshops, power generation equipment and other facilities.
近年来,随着电动扭剪扳手的应用需求逐渐增 大,市面上兴起了一大批电动扭剪扳手厂家,但是许多人并不了解如何选择合适的厂家,今天小编来详细的讲解一下。
In recent years, with the increasing demand for the application of electric torque wrench, a large number of electric torque wrench manufacturers have sprung up in the market, but many people don't know how to choose the right manufacturer. Today, let's make a detailed explanation.
1. Compared with the price, there are some differences in the price of the electric torsion shear wrench produced by each manufacturer. We need to check which manufacturer is more cost-effective and choose the one with high cost performance.
2. In terms of material comparison, when purchasing electric torsion shear wrench, you can choose according to the quantity and specification you need to buy, but the choice of material is also very important. If the selected material is poor, the finished product quality of electric torsion shear wrench is also poor.
3. Check the number of cooperative customers of the electric wrench manufacturer in the past, which can reflect the service attitude and strength of the manufacturer from the side.
4. Understand the processing machinery and equipment of the electric torque wrench manufacturer. The integrity of the equipment determines the production capacity of the manufacturer and the quality of the electric torque wrench.
5. Determine whether the electric wrench manufacturer has perfect after-sales service. Although the electric wrench is not easy to be damaged during transportation, if there are quality problems in details, it still needs to be solved by the manufacturer through negotiation. Therefore, it is very important to find a manufacturer with good after-sales service.