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  Is Electric Spanner Useful? Selection of Electric Spanner电动扳手是给电源或蓄电池供电的扳手,是拧紧螺栓的工具。
  Electric wrench is a wrench for power supply or battery power supply. It is a tool for tightening bolts.
  Mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, special installation of steel structure high-strength bolts, high-strength bolts are used to connect the contact surface of steel structure, usually using the way of bolt group.
  1. Pull the wrench gently and evenly. Never pull with a short impulse, because a sharp pull produces an impulse, and a bolt or bolt may turn too far at the moment when the force stops.
  2. 污染物会阻碍精确的扭矩值。如果部件和螺孔中有污染物,则不可能获得正确的扭矩值。
  2. Pollutants can hinder accurate torque values. If there are contaminants in the components and screw holes, it is impossible to obtain the correct torque value.
  Friction is a common phenomenon, but it has both good and bad effects. The good part is to put these parts together; the bad part is that when tightening, it can lead to wrong results. When the mechanic tightens the connection by hand, only 10% to 20% of the force is used to tighten it. In many cases, 40% to 50% of the torque is used to overcome friction between the bolt head and components. All these friction and other factors should be taken into account when tightening bolts.
  4. 当拧紧带有损坏或堵塞螺纹的螺母或螺栓时,请注意通过损坏区域需要多少额外扭矩,并将此额外扭矩应用于建议的扭矩值。
  4. When tightening nuts or bolts with damaged or blocked threads, pay attention to how much additional torque is required to pass through the damaged area and apply this additional torque to the recommended torque value.