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  What should we pay attention to when using electric torque wrench?
  Recently, many users who have purchased electric torque wrenches do not know what they need to pay attention to when using electric torque wrenches. Today, the practical editor specially sorted out the matters that should be paid attention to when using electric torque wrenches. Next, let's discuss with the practical editor.
  1. Before turning on the power supply, the electric torque wrench should check whether the voltage of the power supply matches the nameplate of the product and whether there is grounding installation. When the power supply voltage exceeds + 10%, voltage stabilization measures should be taken, otherwise the control accuracy will be affected. Poor grounding is prone to accidents.
  2. The ambient temperature of the electric torque wrench is - 10 - 40 C, too high or too low will affect the control accuracy.
  3. The initial torsion of the screwed bolt shall not be greater than 70% of the rated torsion of the tool. Bolts shall not be re-twisted after reaching the rated torque.
  4. When the tool is used to disassemble the bolt, its torsion shall not be greater than the rated value. Under normal conditions, bolts which are not tightened by this wrench or seriously rusted are not suitable to be disassembled with this wrench in order to avoid tool damage.
  5. When changing the direction of rotation, the motor must stop when it stops turning. It is strictly forbidden to turn the positive and negative switches in operation.
  6. When the wrench automatically stops, the switch can be released (if the switch is turned on from time to time, the wrench will start itself in 5 seconds). The wrench will stop after 4-5 seconds, otherwise the wrench can not start.
  7. The diameter of bolt has a certain influence on the control accuracy. The same type of bolt connection is used to calibrate the torsion value in construction, and the inspection and calibration should be stopped after a period of time.
  8. Turn on and idle for 3-5 minutes before work. If it is found that the spark of the motor is large, the sound is abnormal and the torsion is unstable, the machine should be stopped immediately to check and do not work with illness.
  9. Clean and change grease regularly. After 5000 times of work, it should stop cleaning and refueling once to prolong service life.
  10. Power switches, carbon brushes and fuses on the main engine are all vulnerable parts, which are easy to cause problems. They should be checked regularly and replaced in time.
  11. If the screw on the tool is loose in use, it should be tightened in time.
  12. When handling tools, do not pull cable, and pay attention to handle lightly to avoid vibration and collision. When not in use, it should be put in a dry place with ventilation. If dampness is found, dull disposal should be stopped in time. Do not contact or deposit with harmful substances such as acid or alkali.
  Use electric torque wrench need to pay attention to these matters you know, if you want to buy electric torque wrench, welcome to inquire!