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  Jinan Wanzhong Electric Spanner Co., Ltd. specializes in selling X30J-1A twist-shear electric spanner. The wrench is used for fastening torsion shear bolt pairs. The wrench has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable performance, light weight, beautiful appearance and durability. It is a necessary tool to ensure and improve the quality of production. Torsion shear wrench features:
  1. 采用镀铬合金钢,强度好,扭矩范围大;
  1. Using chromium-plated alloy steel, it has good strength and wide torque range.
  2. 双向棘轮头,小扭矩秤,带差速器安装;
  2. Bidirectional ratchet head, small torque scale, with differential installation;
  3. It can be equipped with tooth top, movable tooth top, hook head and pipe pliers.
  4. 预设扭矩值及传动装置,精度±4%;
  4. Preset torque value and transmission device, accuracy (+4%);
  Use of twist-shear wrench
  (1) Tooth size of moment wrench must be matched with bolt or nut size. Tooth size of wrench is too large and easy to slip and wear hexagonal screw parts. When importing automobile maintenance, attention should be paid to selecting English wrench. The selection criteria of various types of wrench are generally preferred to use socket wrench, followed by socket wrench and open wrench, and then choose wrench.
  (2) In order to avoid wrench damage and slippage, pulling force should be lifted on the side thickness, which should be paid special attention to in order to prevent the opening from appearing "eight" shape and damaging nuts and wrenches.
  (3) Torque wrench is designed according to the strength of human hands. When encountering parts with tighter threads, the wrench should not be struck with a hammer; no wrench except sleeve wrench can be installed with a force rod to prevent wrench or thread joint from being damaged.
  (4) It is not enough for a qualified technician to understand the principles and local functions of various torsion wrenches when you hear "click". A qualified technician also needs to know the use of various torsion wrenches and choose the appropriate measuring tools.
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