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1. High output pressure: the output pressure of large liquid can reach 400MPa
2. Wide application range: the working medium can be hydraulic oil, water and most chemical corrosive liquids, with high reliability, maintenance free and long service life.
3、输出范围广:对所有型号泵仅需要较小气压就能平稳工作,此时获得小流量,调节进气量后可获得不 同流量。
3. Wide output range: for all types of pumps, only a small air pressure is required to work stably. At this time, a small flow can be obtained. Different flows can be obtained after adjusting the air intake.
4. Flexible application: different types of pumps can obtain different pressure areas.
5. Easy to adjust: within the pressure range of the pump, adjust the regulating valve to adjust the input air pressure and the output hydraulic pressure
6、自动保压:无论何种原因造成的保压回路压力下降,思宇泵都将自动启动,补充泄露压力,保持回路 压力稳定。
6. Automatic pressure maintaining: the Siyu pump will start automatically to supplement the leakage pressure and maintain the stability of the circuit pressure no matter what the pressure drop of the pressure maintaining circuit is caused by.
7. Operation safety: gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used in dangerous places
8. Simple maintenance: Siyu pump can complete the same work as other gas drive pumps, but it has few parts and seals and simple maintenance
9、性价比高:思宇气液增压泵是一种柱塞泵,工作时思宇气液增压泵迅速往复工作,随着输出压力增 高,泵的往复减慢直至停止,此时泵输出压力恒定,能量消耗低,各部件停止运动。
9. High cost performance: Siyu gas-liquid booster pump is a plunger pump. When working, Siyu gas-liquid booster pump works back and forth rapidly. With the increase of output pressure, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down until it stops. At this time, the pump output pressure is constant, the energy consumption is low, and all parts stop moving.