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1. Steel structure bolts are different from ordinary bolts.
钢结构扭剪螺栓一般用于连接。 常用的M16-M30。 超大型钢结构扭剪螺栓的作用不稳定,应慎用。
Steel structure torsional shear bolts are generally used for connection. Common M16-M30. Torsional shear bolts for super large steel structures are unstable and should be used with caution.
2。 The main components of bolted building structures are generally used to connect the torsional shear bolts of steel structures.
3。 General bolts can be reused, but steel structure torsional shear bolts cannot be reused.
4. High strength steel 45 steel 8.8s and 20MmTiB10.9S shall be used as steel structure bolts. They are prestressed bolts. They conflict with torque wrenches and apply prestress. Pressure type screws are generally made of ordinary steel Q235 and tightened with Torx head bolts.
5。一般螺栓一般为4.4、4.8、5.6、8.8。 钢结构扭剪螺栓一般为8.8和10.9,大部分为10.9。
5。 Generally, bolts are 4.4, 4.8, 5.6 and 8.8. The torsional shear bolts of steel structures are generally 8.8 and 10.9, and most of them are 10.9.
6。一般螺栓孔不一定比钢结构扭剪螺栓大。 其实普通的螺栓孔比较小。
6。 Generally, the bolt hole is not necessarily larger than the steel structure torsional shear bolt. In fact, ordinary bolt holes are relatively small.
7.一般A、B级螺栓的螺孔一般只比螺栓大0.3-0.5mm。 C级螺丝孔一般比螺栓大1.0-1.5mm。
7. Generally, the screw hole of Grade A and B bolts is only 0.3-0.5mm larger than the bolt. Grade C screw holes are generally 1.0-1.5mm larger than bolts.
8. The interference steel structure torsional shear bolt bears the interference transfer load, so the difference between the screw and the screw hole can reach 1.5-2.0mm
9. The standard transmission characteristic of the pressure type steel structure torsional shear bolt is to ensure that the shear force does not exceed the resistance in the normal use process, so does the resistance type steel structure torsional shear bolt.
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