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How to use digital torque wrench:
1. First, take up the digital display torque wrench and rotate it anticlockwise to remove the back cover. Install the battery in the direction of the positive pole of the battery and tighten the back cover (note: our company has other rechargeable models).
2.然后开启电源:长按开关机、清除按键,液晶显示显示 0.0,即可开始使用。
2. Then turn on the power: Long press the power on/off button and the clear button, and the LCD will display 0.0 to start using.
3.单位选择:根据自身的使用要求,按设置键,选择扭矩单位 N.m、in.lb、ft.lb、 kgf.cm、kgf.m。
3. Unit selection: according to its own use requirements, press the setting key to select torque units N.m, in.lb, ft.lb, kgf.cm, kgf. m.
4. Preset: Under the power on state, press the Enter key to confirm the setting and select [MODE] to modify the preset value. After the modification, press the Enter key to confirm and exit the setting MODE.
5..校零:扳手自然水平放置状态下,长按回车确认键 3 秒,液晶显示器显示“0.0,即可使用。
5. Zero calibration: when the wrench is placed in a natural horizontal position, long press the Enter confirmation key for 3 seconds, and the LCD will display "0.0, then it can be used.
6.测量:将换向板扳到相应的位置,将套筒套在方榫上,扳动手柄,当预置报警灯点亮同时报警声响起时,表示紧固力矩已经达到预置值,停止加力。如果在峰值状态,所施加的力矩在卸力后继续显示在液晶显示 器上,按回车确认键存储数据。
6. Measurement: pull the reversing plate to the corresponding position, put the sleeve on the square tenon, and pull the handle. When the preset alarm lamp lights up and the alarm sounds, it means that the tightening torque has reached the preset value, and the force is stopped. If it is in the peak state, the applied torque will continue to be displayed on the LCD after unloading, and press Enter to store the data.
7. Shutdown: press the ON/OFF button for a long time, clear the key and press the key for 3 seconds to shutdown.
8. See wireless/wired digital wrench communication protocol for data transmission.
The above is a detailed introduction to the special wrench for torsional shear bolts, and we hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude