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Fixed torque electric wrench is a "electric" driven wrench, which refers to the electric tool for tightening and removing bolts and nuts, and is a tool for tightening high-strength bolts. It is used for the initial and final tightening of large hexagon high-strength bolts used for the installation of steel bridges, power plants, chemical and power generation equipment, the initial tightening of torsional shear type high-strength bolts, and places where there are strict requirements for the torque or axial force of bolt fasteners. In terms of structure, there are two types of fixed torque electric wrenches: safety clutch type and impact type.
According to the different power supply, fixed torque electric wrench can be divided into electric wrench with battery and electric wrench with 220V power supply.
Among them, the electric wrench with battery is small in size, light in weight, convenient in use, but small in torque, and generally used to drive ordinary screws. The constant torque electric wrench of 220V power supply is heavier and larger than the constant torque electric wrench of battery. The main reason is that the torque is large, which can tighten high-strength bolts.
Constant torque electric wrench is a common constant torque electric wrench, which is mainly used to tighten bolts at the beginning. Its use is very simple. Just aim at the bolt and turn the power switch.
The fixed torque electric wrench is mainly used to tighten torque shear high-strength bolts. Its purpose is to align the wrench socket with the Torx head of the bolt, and turn the power switch until the Torx head of the high-strength bolt sheared by the torque is broken. Common electric wrenches include gun type and angle type.
The electric wrench with fixed torque can be initially tightened and finally tightened. It is used to adjust the torque first and then tighten the bolts. Common fixed torque electric wrenches also have gun type and angle type.
Safety precautions for constant-torque electric wrench at construction site:
1. Before turning on the power, it is necessary to check whether the switch is closed before inserting it.
2. Confirm whether the power supply connected to the site is consistent with the voltage required by the constant torque electric wrench, and whether there is leakage protector.
3. Select the matching sleeve according to the size of the nut and install it correctly.
4. Do not use too high or too low voltage.
5. Do not use a simplified cylinder as a hammer tool.
6. Do not apply force with a sleeve bar or crowbar on the hand lever.
7. The metal shell of the electric wrench shall be reliably grounded.
8. Check the fastening of the mounting screws of the fixed torque electric wrench body. If the screws are found loose, they need to be retightened immediately.
9. Check whether the handles on both sides of the electric wrench are intact and firmly installed.
10. When standing on a ladder or working at height, measures shall be taken to prevent falling from height.
11. If the workplace is far away from the power supply and the extension cable is required, the extension cable with sufficient capacity and qualified installation must be used.
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