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Electric wrenches are mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, specifically to install high-strength bolts for steel structures. High strength bolts are used to connect steel structure joints, usually in the form of bolt groups.
High strength bolts are divided into torsion shear type high strength bolts and large hexagonal high strength bolts according to construction technology. The connection performance and mechanical properties of the bolt are the same, with only different appearances. The axial force of the bolt is determined by the torque.
Tightening high-strength bolts must first be initially tightened and then finally tightened. The initial tightening is usually half of the tightening torque, and the final tightening must be tightened to the maximum torque value. The appearance of large hexagonal high-strength bolts is similar to that of ordinary screws, and impact wrenches can be used for initial tightening, while fixed torque electric wrenches must be used for final tightening; The front end of the high-strength bolt with torsion shear type has a section of plum blossom head. The initial tightening can be done with an impact wrench, and the final tightening must be done with a torsion shear type electric wrench. The electric torsion shear wrench can accurately control the tightening torque and use the bolt to set the torque. When the wrench reaches a certain torque, the plum blossom head part of the bolt can be cut off. The torque accuracy and axial tension are ensured by the fixed torque V-notch of the bolt.
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