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At present, research on fixed torque electric wrenches mainly focuses on digital explicit fixed torque electric wrenches that have both fixed value and overload fault functions, and are popular among users through the user-friendly design of LCD display windows. In addition, there are torque value monitoring terminals, peak setting and alarm functions, wireless transmission functions, communication with installed wireless transmission terminals, data recording and management.
From traditional finger torque wrenches to digital explicit fixed torque electric wrenches with various social functions, with the development of information technology, a qualitative leap has been achieved. The existing fixed torque electric wrenches have the following advantages:
① The technology is constantly maturing and the performance is relatively stable;
(2) Humanized management operating system interface; Powerful data analysis and processing main functions, etc.
Disadvantages of fixed torque electric wrenches: The system is proposed as an artificial intelligence torque wrench system in the literature, which includes enterprise electronic tags, torque wrenches, information resource management accounting software, etc., by establishing a series of development smartphone chips to complete a necessary function. When using the wrench system, it is necessary to be able to simultaneously start the computer and number the bolt information, create a network information security record student management analysis software, and paste electronic labels on the corresponding bolts. The function of torque wrenches needs to be fully utilized after the completion of teaching preparation and educational tasks, resulting in low efficiency and complex operation process. Similar torque wrenches have a more complex structure. Accuracy and Price Difficulties Currently, fixed torque electric wrenches in the market are difficult in terms of accuracy and price. High precision wrenches are generally digital fixed torque electric wrenches, imported products, and generally have a higher price level. The low price is due to the relatively simple structure and low accuracy of the torque needle wrench, which is difficult to meet people's different requirements for use. This is also one of the reasons why torque wrenches do not have the ability to be widely applied in related knowledge fields.
Intellectual disability. The existing fixed torque electric wrenches have the ability to apply torque values and monitor torque values, but they require manual setting of how many torque values are suitable for different specifications of bolts. The pre tightening torque values of different bolts can be calculated by referring to relevant manuals or formulas. At present, only some special industry products have information on pre pressed bolts. The specific value of pre tightening force for ordinary bolts is determined based on experience, which is one of the reasons hindering the use of fixed torque electric wrenches.