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A torsion wrench is a tool that combines a wrench and a torsion shear. It can not only be used to tighten screws, nuts, and other parts, but also to cut various metal wires, steel wires, and other materials. This multifunctional tool is widely used in families, DIY enthusiasts, and in mechanical processing.
The design of the torsion wrench is very ingenious, consisting of an adjustable opening size wrench head and two tweezers shaped cutting blades. The wrench head can be adjusted as needed to accommodate screws and nuts of different sizes, while the cutting blade can easily cut various metal wires and steel wires.

Using a torsion wrench requires some skills and experience. When cutting metal wires or steel wires, it is necessary to choose the correct angle and force, and take appropriate measures to avoid potential dangerous situations. When tightening screws, it is important to ensure that the force is moderate to avoid damage to the threads or wear of the cutting blade.
Although using a torsion wrench requires some skills and practice, its versatility and convenience make it an essential tool for many people in their work. It can help users easily complete various metal cutting and tightening tasks, and improve work efficiency and convenience.
In short, a torsion wrench is a very practical tool with a wide range of applications and multiple functions. If you need a tool that can help you complete multiple tasks, then a torque wrench is definitely a worthwhile choice to consider.