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来源: 日期:2023-05-18 发布人:wanzhong


Torsion wrench is an essential tool in the field of modern mechanical maintenance, which can help people complete various bolt and nut tightening tasks quickly and easily. This article will provide a detailed introduction to this practical tool from the aspects of its properties, structure, usage methods, and precautions.
Attribute: Torsion wrench is a type of wrench that can automatically calibrate torque values. It can adjust the torque size according to different needs, and the large torque value can reach over 1000Nm. Thanks to the existence of a torsion wrench, people can achieve more accurate torque values, thereby avoiding safety issues caused by being too loose or too tight.
Structure: The torsion shear wrench mainly consists of two parts, namely a bending lever and a clamp mouth. The handle of the curved lever is relatively long, making it comfortable to hold. The bayonet head can be installed with different sizes pointing towards the head, making maintenance more convenient and efficient. At the same time, the internal mechanism of the torsion wrench also includes adjustable springs, gears, and other accessories, ensuring a more stable use of the wrench's function.
Usage: Firstly, different wrench sizes need to be selected based on the specific requirements in the task, and installed on the wrench head. Next, the operator needs to manually rotate the wrench to adjust the torque value, ensuring that the correct torque strength is followed every time tightening is carried out. After completing the maintenance task, the user can release the fixed nut or bolt by reverse rotation operation.
Attention: Before using a torque wrench, it is important to have a general understanding of the components that need to be repaired, in order to select the appropriate torque wrench and adjust the required torque correctly. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to selecting high-quality torsion shear wrenches and conducting regular inspections to ensure self maintenance safety.
Summary: The emergence of a torsion wrench has improved the efficiency of mechanical maintenance and also better ensured the maintenance safety of operators. Learning to use a torsion wrench correctly is a necessary skill and knowledge for mechanical practitioners.