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Shear bolts are steel structural bolts, which are also high-strength bolts and a type of standard component. Understanding steel structural bolts mainly depends on their classification and construction. If you are a layman, if you need to use these accessories, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the relevant knowledge in advance, so as not to choose the wrong product. Today, let's take a comprehensive analysis of steel structural bolts with Tian Sheng's editor for your reference.
1、 Application of Steel Structure Bolts
Steel structural bolts are mainly used in steel structural engineering to connect the connection points of steel structural steel plates. Steel structural bolts are high-strength bolts and are also a type of standard component. The fastening performance is relatively good, used in steel structures and engineering, to enhance the fastening effect. On general steel structures, the required steel structural bolts are grade 8.8 or above, as well as grade 10.9 and 12.9, all of which are high-strength steel structural bolts. Sometimes, the bolts on steel structures do not need to be electroplated, and it is OK to use the natural color.
2、 Classification of steel structural bolts
Steel structural bolts are divided into torsional shear type high-strength bolts and large hexagonal high-strength bolts. Large hexagonal high-strength bolts belong to the high-strength grade of ordinary screws, while torsional shear type high-strength bolts are an improved type of large hexagonal high-strength bolts for better construction.
3、 Steel structure bolt construction
The construction of steel structural bolts must be initially tightened before final tightening. The initial tightening of steel structural bolts requires the use of impact type electric wrenches or torque adjustable electric wrenches; And there are strict requirements for final tightening of steel structural bolts. Final tightening of torsion shear type steel structural bolts must use torsion shear type electric wrenches, and final tightening of torque type steel structural bolts must use torque type electric wrenches.
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